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Matcha Dream Waterproof Dog Collar

Matcha Dream Waterproof Dog Collar

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The Matcha Dream Waterproof Dog Collar is a delightful accessory crafted to accompany your furry friend on all their adventures. Made from the soothing green hues of matcha-inspired biothane, this collar seamlessly blends style with functionality, ensuring your pet looks chic while staying protected.

Key Features

Tranquil Matcha Green Colour: Inspired by the calming shades of matcha tea, this collar brings a sense of serenity to your dog's ensemble, adding a touch of zen to their outdoor escapades.

Waterproof Biothane Material: Crafted from durable biothane material, this collar is designed to withstand the elements, offering reliable protection against water and ensuring effortless maintenance for worry-free outings in any weather condition.

Comfortable Fit: Engineered with your dog's comfort in mind, the collar boasts a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your furry companion to move freely and enjoy outdoor activities with ease.

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