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At Pawchou, We not only believe

Increasing a dog’s happiness increases our own

it also makes both pups and peeps mentally healthier. In fact, INTERACTIONS with our four-legged friends have been scientifically-proven to increase oxytocin (the “cuddle chemical”)

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Time spent

with one’s dog, especially performing physical activities and interacting with others helps both live happier, healthier lives, which is why we’re making it our mission to encourage it.

Uniting Dogs & Humans For Mutual Health and happiness

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It is safe to say,

The health and happiness of dog & owner are intrinsically linked

So we've made it our mission to increase both by focusing on the building and maintenance of interaction and closer bonds

Candy Coast Leather Dog Collar - Pawchou

We understand that

Healthy social bonds

can play a key role in mental health; without them, we become lonely, depressed and physically unwell. We also understand that managing one's mental health is a challenge

as a store

We accept this challenge

by carefully testing our products and having products that align with our customers desired outcomes. We aim to simplify the process, saving our customers time and stress while making their dogs and themselves healthier and happier

Rainbow Peak Leather Dog Collar - Pawchou

On social media,

we've created a community

enriching the life of dogs and their owners by fostering meaningful connections, strong bonds and empowering wellbeing through heartelt experiences that inspire happiness and fulfilment

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Our Values

  • Connection

    We're founded on a belief in the mutual health and happiness that develops between pups and peeps. Our services & products are caretully considered and selected to foster connections and bond-building interactions of all kinds between owners & dogs

  • Wellbeing

    The core reason why connection is so important to us is the wellbeing it produces. The interactions we allow promote both physical and mental wellbeing, such as reduced stress and anxiety, and increased calm, contentment and joy

  • Fun & Joy

    We're all about offering positive and uplifting experience for both dogs and their owners. This goes without saying our communication reflects this. From product photos, photoshoots, events, all of our content is playful and uplifting

  • Simplicity

    We work hard (so our customers don't) to make being happy as simple as can be. Our products, services, and overall customer experience are straightforward and easy to understand. Being hassle-free is key for us