Pawchou X The Snooty Pooch

Pawchou's chosen charity partner is The Snooty Pooch. Our bond with this vibrant and community-centric charity is built on shared values and a joint commitment to enhancing the lives of both dogs and humans.

Who is The Snooty Pooch ?

The Snooty Pooch is a remarkable community café that warmly welcomes both doggos and hoomans. Their core values revolve around wellbeing, prosperity, and community.

This unique charity operates as a voluntary-led canine café and community wellbeing hub located in Solihull, West Midlands. Their passion lies in building resilient, healthy, and happy communities, with the invaluable support of their in-house resident therapy dogs.

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Our Connection

At Pawchou, we are inspired by The Snooty Pooch's mission and values, which closely align with our own. Together, we have joined forces to make a significant impact in our community, fostering positive change for both dogs and their human companions.

Impact Stories

Witness the transformative stories and testimonials that reflect the real-world impact of The Snooty Pooch's charitable initiatives. From therapy dogs bringing comfort to the vulnerable to hospital services keeping patients and their dogs together, their work has left an indelible mark on countless lives.

How Pawchou Supports The Snooty Pooch

Pawchou proudly backs The Snooty Pooch with financial aid, £1 of every order you make contributes to their cause. Our partnership underscores a joint dedication to positively impact the lives of both dogs and humans.

Get in touch

Should you wish to reach out to The Snooty Pooch directly or learn more about their charitable initiatives, you can contact them via their website

For inquiries or support related to our partnership with The Snooty Pooch, please don't hesitate to reach out to Pawchou at

Showing Love

We invite you to support The Snooty Pooch and Pawchou in making a positive impact. Every small step you take can contribute to the betterment of dogs and humans in our community.

Join us in creating lasting change, one paw at a time.