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Sweet Watermelon Waterproof Dog Lead

Sweet Watermelon Waterproof Dog Lead

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The Sweet Watermelon Waterproof Dog Lead is a delightful accessory designed to not only add a pop of pink colour but also prioritise your furry friend's wellbeing during walks. Crafted from waterproof biothane material, this lead ensures durability and versatility for worry-free outdoor adventures.

Key Features

Vibrant Pink Hue: With its charming pink color reminiscent of ripe watermelon, the Sweet Watermelon Waterproof Dog Lead brings a touch of brightness to every walk, infusing your pet's outings with cheerful vibes.

Waterproof Biothane Material: Engineered to withstand moisture and splashes, the lead is crafted from high-quality biothane material, providing durability and easy maintenance for all-weather walks.

Prioritising Wellbeing: We understand the importance of your pet's wellbeing during outdoor activities. That's why our lead is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, promoting a positive walking experience for both you and your furry bestie.

Size Guide

Full length size: 112cm - Handle : 21cm

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